by September 1, 2022


1. Registration: Click below to access the download registration form*

*Download and complete your pre-registration form at home.
One form required,
per child


2. PRE-REGISTER IN PERSON (Required to Audition • Takes 10 Minutes):

• Choose one of the following days to pre-register: August 8-12 & 15-18 between the hours of 3:30pm–6:00pm.

• Where: Central West Ballet Office. 5039 Pentecost Drive, Suite B-2. 209.576.8957.

Every child must attend the pre-registration in person with a parent. There will be a measurement taken for height. (There is no performing or dancing on pre-registration day).

Parents, when you come to our office 1) bring your child. 2) your completed pre-registration form. 3) wallet-sized headshot of your child, nothing fancy, photos will not be returned. 4) $10.00 Registration fee per child (exact cash or check payable to Central West Ballet, non-refundable).

$10.00 registration fee per child: Cash or check payable to Central West Ballet. (This fee is non-refundable)

Each child will be given an exact time to return for the Audition, Saturday, August 20. (Children do not need to prepare anything for the audition, steps will be learned together. All roles are cast by height, skill, and coordination, not necessarily by age. All performers must fit into existing costumes. Some roles are non-dancing and we encourage everyone to come out and try!



When: Saturday, August 20

Where: Central West Ballet Office. located at 5039 Pentecost Drive (off Kiernan), Suite B-2. 209.576.8957.

Day of Audition: Arrive at your assigned time, check in at office, be dressed and ready to go. Arrive in dance/gym attire ready to go. No one admitted after the audition begins. Audition closed to viewing. Everyone learns the steps together. No preparation required.

Girl’s Attire: Basic leotard, and tights + ballet shoes, hair in bun or secured back, no jewelry please.

Boy’s Attire: T-shirt, sweats, gym shorts and sneakers or tights, ballet and/or jazz shoes.

No Dance Experience?: Gym clothes, sweats, leggings, t-shirts, sneakers, jazz or ballet shoes.

Casting: All parent meetings, rehearsals and costume fittings are considered mandatory. Siblings will be cast together.

Results: Monday, August 29: Results of the audition will be emailed by this date. Great care is taken in selecting your child’s part and casting is final and non-negotiable. Please do not email, text or call CWB or a staff member regarding the role your child receives. There is a chance your child will repeat the role they did last time. Remember: every role matters for the success of the production!

Accepted, If your child is accepted, please save the acceptance email you receive. It will contain valuable password information you will need to access online rehearsal schedules and handbook.

Try again! If your child is not accepted. Please know we did our best to place as many children as we could, however, there are bound to be disappointments. Casting is done with thought, care and is non-biased. Students may be too young, too inexperienced or not quite ready for the parts they are auditioning for. Encourage them to try again next year!


PARENT INFORMATION (If accepted into the production, please save these mandatory dates)

Monday, August 29: Online Handbook & Rehearsal Schedule available for download at home. These documents are password protected. The password is in your acceptance letter.

Wednesday, August 31, 7:15-8:00pm: Parent Meeting + Parent Contracts Signed and Due + Participation Fee Due. Location: Liz & Royal Robbins Studio, 5039 Pentecost Drive (between Safe Lite and Cannon’s Tumbling)

• Only one parent attends, no performers. We will review the requirements of the 2022 Handbook & Policies and Procedures Manual. Print your documents at home, in color, bring with you, questions ready.

Each performer is assessed a $25.00 participation fee (+ $20.00 per sibling). Paid in full at the Parent Meeting. Fee covers the cost of rehearsal directors, costume cleaning & costume repair. Fee is non-refundable. Additional personal costs $60.00-$100.00 per role, includes professional theatre make-up, shoes, socks, tights. Items purchased become the property of the dancer.

Monday, September 12: Some, but not all rehearsals begin this week. Rehearsals are scheduled September-December (Refer to online Rehearsal Schedule for your child’s schedule)

Monday, September 26: Parent volunteer hour sign-ups will be available. Access to lists TBA.

Studio Rehearsals: Studio rehearsals are broken down by day and hour between 6:00-9:00pm Monday-Friday, Saturday between 8:30am-5:00pm. There are no Sunday’s in Tracy. Cast A & B Gallo will have a mandatory spacing Sunday 12/4.


Tracy Cast Info: Theatre Location: Grand Theatre Center for the Arts 715 Central Avenue, Tracy

Nov 21-22 & 25-26: For those dancing in Tracy you will have mandatory studio rehearsals around Thanksgiving on these days. There will be no rehearsal Nov 23-24 & Nov 27-28

Nov 29: Spacing/Staging Rehearsal (4:30pm-9:00pm)

Nov 30 & Dec 1: Dress Rehearsals (4:30pm-8:30pm)

Dec 2, 7:00pm & Dec 3, 1:00pm: 2 Public Performances.


Cast A • Gallo Info: Theatre Location: Gallo Center for the Arts 1000 I Street, Modesto

Sunday, December 4: Spacing/Staging (Between 11:00am-6:00pm, rehearsal schedule breakdown Page 9)

Dec 5, 6: Dress Rehearsals (4:30pm-8:30pm)

Dec 7: 1 School Show: #1) 10:00am-11:00 all schools & #2) 12:00pm-1:00 low-sensory-special needs

Dec 9: 7:00pm & Dec 10 (2 shows) 2:00pm & 7:00pm: Public Performances


Cast B • Gallo Info: Theatre Location: Gallo Center for the Arts 1000 I Street, Modesto

Sunday, December 4: Spacing/Staging (Between 11:00am-6:00pm, rehearsal schedule breakdown Page 9) • Dec 7, 8: Dress Rehearsals (4:30pm-8:30pm)

Dec 11, 2:00pm: Public Performance

Dec 13, 14: Dress Rehearsals (4:30-8:30pm)

Dec 17: (2 shows) 2:00pm & 7:00pm: Public Performances

(Dec 18 2:00pm: possible show added TBD)


Questions: We want to answer your questions! For the quickest response email us at




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